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How to know if your Windows laptop have Bluetooth and WiFi [Basics in Tech]


Laptop Bluetooth and WiFi on and off button

It may sound awkward that some people do have a hard time knowing if their newly purchased Windows laptop or fairly used laptop comes with built-in Bluetooth and WiFi adapters, but you will be surprised by the number of people who falls precisely into this category. This has nothing to do with illiteracy, not at all, but some laptops do have a way of making things complicated right out-of-the-box.

Variation in products with different models do make things complicated as well. Most HP and Dell laptops for instance, differs in configurations depending on a specific model or region, and most of the time, the technical specifications written in the manual or on the product web page may be slightly different from the original product made available for a specific country.

These complexity sometimes confused most people, especially those who are not tech savvy. Although Bluetooth and WiFi are becoming the norm on most of the laptops released these days, there is a chance you might end up on the wrong end if the model available for your country differs from the global version, because, most of the time the specs are not usually the same and there may be no warning or indication to suggest otherwise, even on the product page.

Some Windows laptop supports Bluetooth but lacked WiFi, some have WiFi but lacked Bluetooth, while some have both. The question is, how can you verify your laptop network configuration? How can you find out if your laptop supports Bluetooth or has an inbuilt WiFi? That's what I'll be showing you today.

Bluetooth/WiFi switch

The authentic way of fully knowing a laptop wireless configuration is to dive into the settings and check it out. Incase you are wondering about the beaming wireless icon normally placed on the keyboard, above it, or at the side of the laptop, like the one in the image above, which usually indicate as the on and off switch for the Bluetooth and WiFi on most Windows laptop, well, this most of the time does not show the whole picture.

Follow the steps below to check your laptop network configuration:

P.S: The screenshots below applied to Windows 10, but the procedure is the same for other Windows version.


1. On your Windows desktop, right-click the "This PC" and select "Manage" from the options. If you are using Windows 7, Vista, or XP, right-click the "My Computer" on your desktop and select "Manage"

Device manager

2. In the next window that appeared, click "Device Manager"

Network Adapters

3. Under device manager select "Network Adapters". The list of available connectivity present on your computer will be shown as highlighted in the above image.

Note: On some Windows laptops, you may need to switch on the wireless connectivity by pressing the beaming icon for the available network adapters to be displayed.

This is the perfect way of knowing the connectivity present on your Windows machine. If you find this post helpful don't forget to share.

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