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Samsung Unveiled NW700 Soundbar Sound+ Audio System Ahead of CES2018

NW100 Soundbar Sound Plus mounted on wall

With CES 2018 fast approaching, Samsung has unveiled a new lifestyle product that it will be showcasing at the event alongside its recently announced Notebook 9 (2018) laptop series. The NW700 Soundbar Sound+ as called, is a slim audio soundbar with high-defining audio system that can be mounted on a wall.

Its slim body profile of 53.5mm perfectly enable the device to sit comfortably and elegantly below mounted flat screen TVs without taking massive amount of space. According to Samsung, the NW700 Soundbar Sound+ is 41% narrower than its predecessor. Its extra thinness, however, does not hamper the rich dynamic audio sound that is produced by the built-in speakers.

Samsung NW700 Soundbar Sound-Plus

Samsung said it developed the technologies used in the soundbar at its Audio Lab in Valencia, California. These includes the wide-range tweeters, multi speaker control, and distortion-cancelling tech embedded in the soundbar. The NW700 Soundbar Sound+ also offers three channels surround sound and comes pre-loaded with woofer for deep bass.

There are three pre-configured sound presets that users can activate depending on their preference; Standard Mode, Surround Mode, and Smart Mode. The later automatically adjust surround sound effects and volume.

In a statement released on the official blog, Senior Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics, Jurack Chae, said:

“Samsung continues to invest in product development that fuses lifestyle and technology in a seamless, innovative manner. With our NW700 Soundbar Sound+, we are not only committed to superior product design, but also to deliver unmatched sound quality to our consumers.”

The NW700 Soundbar Sound+ will be showcase at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada, in early January next year.

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