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Amazon Launches Echo Spot, Echo Plus and Echo (2017) Smart Devices

Amazon Echo Spot

Amazon has announced new Echo smart devices, Echo Spot, Echo Plus, and an upgraded edition of its Echo speaker that was introduced in 2014. The Echo Spot is the tiniest of the three and it is the only one among the list that feature a touchscreen, a 2.5-inch display to be precise. Above the display is a camera while the speaker grill can be seen on the bottom. The display shows weather, clock, and the Echo Spot also have an alarm function.

Amazon Echo Plus

The Echo Plus on the hand is the tallest among the three. It has a cylindrical elegant body with the speaker grill occupying half of the external layer, which harbors the omni-directional woofer system. On its circular top are two buttons to activate/deactivate the mic and to power on/off. There is also a circular ring that encompasses the top that display lighting effects based on current activity.

Amazon Echo 2017

The new Echo (2017) is shorter and lighter than its predecessor. It comes with improved far-field microphones that can pick up voice signal at a notable distance while eliminating background noise and distortion. Unlike Echo Plus, it has four buttons on the top which can be use to pause/play music, mute/unmute mics, increase the volume, and lowered the volume. It also have a circular lighting ring.

The Echo Spot can be use for video-calling while others cannot. It also comes with Bluetooth connectivity for pairing and controlling supported devices and a 3.5mm stereo audio jack. The Echo Plus can be use as a smart hub for controlling other smart appliances in the house i.e lights, TVs, home theaters e.t.c without using additional apps or hubs. The Echo (2017) supports Dolby Digital for immersive audio.


The Amazon Echo Spot is priced at $129.99; the Echo Plus at $149.99 (comes with a free Phillip Hue smart lightbulb), while the Echo (2017) price starts at $99.99 (ranging up to $119.99 depending on material). The devices will be available later this year.

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