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Elari NanoPhone C is the "New" World's Smallest Phone


Some phones are built to be smart, some are built to be strong to withstand time, some are built to be luxury, but the NanoPhone C is definitely built to be small with all elements of smartness washed off to maintain its rigid miniature structure. The phone is boasts by the manufacturer, Elari, has world's smallest phone. Different manufacturers has claimed world's smallest phone title in the past and we expect more to claimed the title in the future.

Elari is not a common name in the phone industry but the company latest invention does have some unique properties that is hard to find anywhere else. With NanoPhone C being devoid of smartness to maintain its compact size, the phone only weighs 30 grams, which is four times lesser than the weight of Galaxy S8. In dimensions, it measures 94.4x35.85x7.6mm.


The feature phone comes with a 1-inch TFT display with a pixel resolution of 128x96 and underneath the display sitting on the motherboard is a single-core Mediatek MT6261D processor, coupled with 32MB of ROM. The NanoPhone C has a MicroSD slot that can accommodates up to 32GB of additional storage capacity, which will be quite useful considering the fact that it has an inbuilt MP3 player.

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Moving on, the device has a FM radio player, a voice recorder, dual-SIM slots that can receive two Micro SIMs with support of 2G, and Bluetooth wireless connectivity for pairing with other devices. On the back is a 280mAh battery that can render up to four hours of talk time.

The Elari NanoPhone C is priced at Rs 3,940 ($59) in India and is available on eStore It is offered in multiple different colors.


Update (Correction)

The Galaxy S8 is 153 grams in weight while the NanoPhone C is 30 grams, in real world, the NanoPhone C is five times (not four times as previously said) lesser in weight that Galaxy S8.

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