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How to Completely Block/Remove Ads On All Android Apps [Root]

Remove Ads On All Android Apps

If you are using a lot of "free" apps on your Android device, there is a high tendency that you have suffered ad intrusion at one point in time while using your phone. The truth is, most app developers depend on impressions and clicks generated through ads generated through these apps to make a living. Today, you are going to learn how to block these ads permanently on your device.

The sudden growth in smartphone and tablet market globally gained the attention of lots of people who in turn learn how to code and to build apps. It takes enormous time, devotion, and excessive amount of creativity to build something worthy of peoples interest, I completely understand, but there are some developers out there whose sole purpose is to earn by "any means possible". Not all electronic ads are meant to showcase products or helpful software and utilities, some are simply created to gather data and steal information. Some as malwares.

Unfortunately, there is no way to differentiate the good from the bad. In few cases, in the hope of surging abundance increase in revenue, the developer will placed the ad at the most uncomfortable position where it will gain attention but will hurt the user.

So, how do we remove these troublesome ads? This is a big question considering the fact that all apps are not build the same way. Ad server, method, and implementation differs for each of the app as well. But there is a method that can completely block and remove these annoying ads from showing on your Android phone, it however requires root.

If your Android phone is rooted and has superuser, kinguser or any other superuser apps (such as Kingo Superuser) installed, you can proceed by following the steps below.

First, you will need to download and install an app called Lucky Patcher.

Lucky patcher main page

Step 1

Launch Lucky Patcher from the app drawer. At the bottom select "Toolbox".


Step 2

Select "Block Ads" from the list of options that appeared under Toolbox.

Blocks ads on device

Step 3

Choose "Block Ads on Device" from the submenu.

Superuser access granted

Step 4

A "Please wait..." message will be shown on the screen and you will be asked to grant Lucky Patcher a superuser access.

Host files updated

Step 5

After 10 seconds, depending on how many applications are installed on your device, hosts file updated message will be displayed.

After applying the patch, ads will stop showing on all of the apps installed on your Android smartphone (including ads shown on your web browser i.e Chrome). If you want to turn the ads back on, follow Step 1 to 3, but instead of selecting "Block Ads on Device" in step 3 choose "Unblock Ads on Device".

Do you have any difficulty applying the following steps? Drop your comment below.

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