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How to Remove Apps Permissions on Twitter on Phone Browser without PC

Revoke App Permissions on Twitter Mobile

Today, we will be showing Twitter users how they can revoke, disconnect or remove apps they linked with their Twitter account on any mobile browser without using PC. When we said mobile browser, we are talking about Opera Mini, UC Mini, UC Browser, Chrome, Firefox and the likes, running on Android, iOS, Java, Symbian or even BlackBerry mobile operating system.

But first let's talk about Twitter and what app permission is before we dig down on how to remove them. This article mainly focus on Twitter and any mention of app permission within this article is treated in this regard.

Twitter is one of the most successful social platform in the world, harboring millions of active users who post hundreds of millions of tweets per month. Being one of the most widely accepted social networking site globally, this puts it upfront to be use commercially by small, medium-scale and large-scale companies who believe in one way or the other that it may help serve as a platform to directly communicate with their customers and get feedbacks.

As time goes on, these companies began to implement Twitter API on their websites, letting their users to login or sign up using their twitter account, thereby providing one-click login access for their users without requiring to fill a registration form or manually enter the username and password. But to do this, the user must first linked his or her twitter account with the company website and grant it a permission. Here is where app permission manifested.

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Some third-party sites that offer services such as auto tweeting, auto follow and unfollow, auto posting and retweet also required the permission of an user to have access to the user account before Twitter allows such sites to operate within the said account. While the flexibility of access is quite a fortune in these regards, there are some disadvantages attached to it that may convince an user to revoke or remove some permissions at a point in time.

Trust is the first and foremost thing that may convince an user to grant access or permits a certain site or app a direct access to his/her Twitter account. But we all know what will happen when trust fails. Things changes too. For instance, Twitterfeed is one of the trusted site used by publishers to auto tweet articles to Twitter, but it close down its service in October last year. It will be unwise not to detach or revoke its permission as it no longer functions and could make an account to be vulnerable.

Formally, Twitter only allow users to revoke permissions of sites, devices or apps connected to their accounts via its web platform, which can only be done on PC, but now, the company has extended the feature to mobile browser. Users can now revoke permissions through Twitter mobile site on any phone browser.

We use Opera Mini as an example, but the guide below works pretty much for other mobile browsers as well. If you don't have Opera Mini installed on your phone you can download it from here or download Chrome browser instead.

Now follow the steps below:

Twitter login page

1.) Go to, you will arrive to a page that looked exactly like the one above. Insert your username and password and press the login button.


2.) After signing in you will be directed to your timeline. Click the "Profile" button among the menus at the top.

User profile

3.) Scroll down to the bottom and select "Settings".

Account settings

4.) In account settings, select "Manage Applications"

Manage applications

5.) You will see the list of applications you have granted permission to your account. Simply click the "Revoke access" button in front of each of the app to remove.

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