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HomePod: Apple Answers to Echo and Google Home with Uncomfortable Price


At WWDC 2017, Apple launched its first smart home product called HomePod. The 7-inch tall cylindrical-shaped device is here to compete with Amazon Echo products and Google Home in terms of features and functionality. The service provided however is strictly restricted to Apple ecosystem as of now and all the automation and assistant service is handled by Siri.

On the outside, the HomePod looks like a mini woofer which was designed by Apple itself. Underneath the woofer figure is a powerful speaker that produced deep bass, surrounded by seven beam-forming tweeters for clear detailed audio sound. The first priority of the newly born HomePod seems to evolve around audio quality and music streaming, considering its design and audio hardware.

Music streaming is only limited to Apple Music for now which has over 40 million songs collection, this means you need to have an active Apple Music subscription to fully enjoy the streaming thing, but who knows, third-party steaming service may be added in the future.


With Siri on deck, users can utter commands to get things done quickly and quietly, thanks to six microphones implemented which should be able to pickup voice signal at a significant distance. The HomePod is also aware of its location in a room using spacial awareness and can auto adjusts its volume depending on how big or small the room it is placed in is though this can be manually adjusted by the user.

Users can also control other smart home appliances, get news, sports and weather updates, and send messages using HomePod.

The device is priced at $349 which is quite hefty compared to that of its competitors. It will first arrive to U.S, U.K and Australia in December and from there to other regions.

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