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This is how small a Smartphone with Android 7.0 Nougat and 4G LTE can be




We've seen different brands claimed "world's smallest phone" in the past few years, from 2.4-inch Micro X S240 by Posh Mobile to 1-inch Willcom Phone Strap 2 released in 2013. But this is another beautiful year with Google's latest Android version blooming like flowers in the rain on flagships with big screen. But it wouldn't be bad if a phone as tiny as a keyholder flaunts some of the beauty of this OS, would it?

A Shanghai-based Chinese start-up by the name Unihertz, has unveiled a new smartphone which the company claimed as the world's smallest to runs Android 7.0 Nougat and to supports 4G LTE. Jelly as it is being called, is 92.3mm tall, 43mm wide and 13.3mm thick. If we are to compare this with Galaxy S8 148.9x68.1x8.0mm dimensions, then we will need to combine nearly four of this tiny phone to make up the space.

Its compact size however, does not limits it from performing all the functions other smartphones does. With quad-core processor on deck and up to 2GB of RAM onboard (Jelly Pro), users can easily run apps, play games, and carry out their daily tasks easily without any hiccups. There is also 16GB of storage (Jelly Pro) inside to save files and data, though you can opting for 8GB storage version if 16GB is too much for you to bear.


Moreover, the Jelly has two SIM slots that can accommodates two Nano SIMs at a time despite its tiny size, and you also get the benefits of ultra-fast internet browsing via 4G LTE Cat.4 (up to 150Mbps download speed) loaded on primary SIM slot just like many other big Android phones out there. For photography, an 8-megapixel camera is equipped at the rear and a 2-megapixel camera at the front.

Its 2.4-inch touch display may not be good enough for gaming and multitasking, but it does have a positive impact on the battery life. The Jelly 950mAh battery can render up to 3 days of work time and 7 days of standby time, according to the firm. Besides LTE, other connectivity options available are Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi, GPS, and Micro-USB.

The base model (1GB RAM/8GB storage) and the Pro model (2GB RAM/16GB storage) are available for grab at $59 and $75 respectively for a limited time period on Kickstarter. When ordering, you get to choose from Pearl White, Sky Blue, and Space Black colors.


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