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Samsung's New "Kettle Design" Battery Packs can double-up as Kickstand


Samsung has silently uncovered two new battery packs for its high-end "Galaxy" smartphones in the United States, both having charismatic body design that the South Korean company in its unrelenting endeavor to entice customers has provided a name for, dubbed "Kettle Design".

In physical, both battery packs are identical although one is more heavier and thicker than the other which is mainly due to the unbalance in capacity they both carried. The first comes with a 5,100mAh capacity and the second a 10,200mAh capacity.


The "Kettle Design" name-calling is made manifest with wrist strap sideloaded to one side of each battery packs for easy handling when not in use and comfortability in free movement. In the pack, Samsung is also offering free kickstand cables that can double-up as stands for smartphones, allowing users to tuned their phones to favourable viewing angle in watching movies or playing games while charging.


The 5,100mAh battery pack has one USB Type-A port that produce an output charge of 5 volts with 1.8 Amperes, while the 10,200mAh battery pack comes with two USB Type-A ports that can produce 5 volts with 2.8 Amperes when simultaneously charging two device at a time. Micro-USB ports are included on both variants with input charging rate of 5 volts at 2 Ampere. An LED indicator notifies users of battery level.

These battery packs (or power banks) are compatible with Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S7, S7 Edge, Note 5, and Note 4, but should work on other device outside Samsung domain too. The 5,100mAh variant is priced at $29.99, while the 10,200mAh variant costs $39.99. Both are available on Samsung store in the U.S.

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