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Meet Lighthouse - Your "Artificial" Personal Home Guard

Lighthouse AI-Powered Smart Camera

Smart home accessories have become the center-focus of big technology firm lately with the number of products launch increasing at alarming rates. They puts more comforts in monitoring and single-handedly operating multiple key household appliances, which are all connected to a central hub linked to the cloud that can be access at anywhere anytime.

While smart home products simplifies how we control and access connected devices, some also offers security as an additional feature, part of which is alerting home owners of intruders with built-in motion sensors and far-reach mics implementation.

However, a new device is here that takes security as its core feature while neglecting all the fun part of cloud-controlling, capable of feeding users direct information about what happens in their house regardless of where they may be. Lighthouse is a portable smart camera that uses 3D sensor, video camera, computer vision and deep learning to perceive, monitor and interact with home owners of what is happening in their house.

It is an interactive home assistant that can be talk to and asked questions which it will gladly provide the answer, not only by answering but by also showing what the answer is. It understands natural and specific questions like, “What did the kids do with the babysitter?” or “Did anyone walk the dog today?” Lighthouse will not only answer the question but will also shows the event. It also recognizes different actions such as whether someone is running or walking.


You can tell Lighthouse the activities you care about and it will automatically alert you when they happened, keeping you informed even if you forget. For instance, you can tell it to alert you when your children arrives from school or if they do not arrive at the time you specified.

It knows the difference between people and pet, stranger and guest, and can detects movement from an unrecognized person in the house. Furthermore, Lighthouse understands actual 3D movement and cannot be tricked by shadows or changing light conditions. It also recognizes gestures.

For just $339, you can pre-order one and get it shipped to your doorstep in September.


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