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How to Sign-in with Gesture on Windows 10 Using Picture Password

Sign in with Gestures on Windows 10

There are lots of new features introduced along with Windows 10 that most people are unaware of, one of which is Picture Password (a.k.a gesture sign-in). Today, we will be showing you how you can use this sign-in option to login on your Windows 10 PC without using PIN or password.

Windows 10 brings lots of new sign-in options for easy access to PC, minimizing the use of a complicated password as well as providing more secure options to lower hijacking. The most popular as of late are Windows Hello facial recognition and fingerprint sign in, both of which required "supported" hardware before they can be use, which unfortunately most basic laptops lacked.

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Although there is an option to use a 4 digit PIN for quick access instead of a password, Microsoft also provides a fourth option for signing in to Windows called Picture Password. It is the last on the list of sign-in options in Windows Settings and it is faster and more secure than using PIN. Windows 10 Picture Password can be use on laptops with or without touchscreen.

Here is how to set it up

Windows 10 Start Menu

1.) Go to start menu and select "Settings"

Windows Settings

2.) In "Windows Settings" select "Accounts"

options

3.) Select "Sign-in options" under Accounts. Scroll to the bottom and click on the "Add" button under Picture password

Picture Password background

4.) The next screen will show two different options. "Choose new picture" to add a picture you want to use as background image. If you already have a picture selected, click "Use this picture" to continue

Setup gestures

5.) In this section, you will be asked to draw three gestures on the picture you've just selected. You can draw in straight lines, circles or just tap on specific areas of the picture.

There are three things you need to know when drawing these gestures:

  • Their positions: The exact place where you draw them
  • Their size: The thickness and length of each gesture
  • Their direction

Anytime you want to sign in, you will need to draw the gestures exactly as you draw them here.

Confirm gestures

6.) You will be asked to confirm your gestures. Simply redraw the gestures as you do on the first screen

setup complete

7.) If all goes well you should see this "congratulations" window

That's it.

When you log out, you should see picture password among the list of sign-in options, simply click on it and draw the gestures to login.

Remove Picture Password

If you no longer want to use it, go to Settings -> Account -> Sign-in option, scroll down and select "Remove".

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N.B: On a desktop or a laptop that doesn't have a touchscreen, you can use the mouse or the touchpad to draw the gestures in "Step 5". Simply point your mouse on the picture, left-click and hold, then drag to draw, or double -tap the touchpad and drag to draw.

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