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Lenovo Smart Assistant with Alexa voice, 6TB Smart Storage Announced

Lenovo Smart Assistant

Lenovo has partnered with Amazon to launch its first personal digital assistant product dubbed Smart Assistant, powered by Alexa's cloud-base voice service. The device comes with eight 360-degree far-field microphones that can pick up users voice in 5 meters (16 feet) away, giving users the flexibility to alter commands irrespective of their distance and direction from the device. The microphones are enhanced with voice suppression and acoustic echo cancellation tech, and it also comes baked in with voice recognition technology that analyze and identify users voice.

Like other smart home assistant products such as Google Home and Echo, the Lenovo Smart Assistant can be ask to play music, conduct web searches, provide calendar updates, create lists and much more by altering command. The device can be use with other Lenovo smart home products and existing third-party products as well. The Alexa voice service learn more about an user as each day pass, getting smarter and responding faster. A special Harman Kardon edition will also be made available.

Johnson Jia, Lenovo’s senior vice president, PC and Smart Device Business Group said:

"Our goal has never been to simply build smarthome devices for the sake of advancing technology alone. In the same way a person’s IQ is measured by applied knowledge, we believe products are ‘smart’ to the degree they’re actually understood and applied to daily life by their users.”

Lenovo 6TB Smart Storage

Along with the Smart Assistant, Lenovo also launched a new high-tech storage device. The Lenovo Smart Storage as called, offers 6TB of storage capacity with multi-device auto-sync capabilities, and supports dual-band wireless access. For security measure, it uses P2P (peer-to-peer) access to store media files such as videos, music, photos, and documents, all of which can be easily manage.

The Lenovo Smart Storage is also integrated with facial recognition software that auto sort and arrange photo library base on faces.

The Lenovo Smart Assistant will be available in Green, Light Grey, and Orange colours at a price of $129.99, the Harman Kardon edition at $179.99, and 6TB Smart Storage at $139.99. These gadgets will start shipping from May 2017 in selected markets.

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