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Ziltag brings 'Interactive Visual Contents Overlay' to all Websites

Ziltag Logo

Ziltag is a visual discussion tool that connects users with everything that happens in images. It presents contents directly on images with tags (red blinking dots) that users can click to read or join the conversation immediately, and turns every images on the website into individual message board that users can write, collaborate, showcase, or share with others.

To use Ziltag, users need to sign up to obtain the plugin script to paste in their website’s HTML. The plugin supports multiple content platforms including WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Ghost and any self-hosted website. After installing the plugin, a red button will appear at the top right corner of every image on the website. By clicking on the button, a popup window will none launch where users can write or leave comments in perspective on images.

Ziltag Site Preview

The service is largely designed to cater to website owners who would like to boost content engagement and richness. Retailers can use it to sell multiple items on one image; designers and developers can use it to communicate on images; teachers can use it to share information on images with students; bloggers can use it as a message board on image for their readers, etc. After signing up, users will be able to access their dashboard online. The dashboard is where users browse and manage their previous tags and communication in one place.

Ziltag will fetch all images on the website to the dashboard so users can easily add new tags to images that have been posted before, without going back to individual webpage. Users can also use the dashboard to keep track of all the comment threads and join any conversation directly. To keep the system secure and from being injected with any malicious script, Ziltag transmits every data over SLL 2048-bit encryption and also takes care of any possible XSS attack in tags and comments. Plus all of Ziltag users’ HTTP requests are in CSRF protection, which prevent any one-click attack or session riding.

Modern users rely not only on laptops, but also on phones, tablets and desktops. Ziltag’s responsive design offers seamless browsing experience for users who visit the website by mobile browser. When designing the mobile experience, Ziltag pays attention to the details of touch interactions and information hierarchy to avoid creating a jarring experience on mobile browsers.

Ziltag is available now for free on Ziltag website. On the site, users can also try to see how it will works on their website by clicking the “Preview" button.

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