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Samsung H7 Speaker, MS750 Soundbar with 32-bit UHQ Audio Announced

Samsung H7 Wireless Speaker

Samsung has announce two new sound device ahead of CES that will kick-start next week. The first called H7, is a wireless speaker wrapped in a rectangle-shaped sleek metal box with two speakers visible at the front and two wheel control knobs placed on top, each knob sitting at opposite side and there is a small screen at the middle.

According to the company, the Samsung H7 can offers 32-bit ultra-high quality (UHQ) sound and can deliver a bass response going down to 35Hz. The two wheel controls let users control the volume of audio playing as well as select their favorite playlist from streaming music service that is paired with the device.

Samsung MS750 Soundbar

The second device unveiled by Samsung is a soundbar. Dubbed MS750, the soundbar can deliver powerful home cinema sound when paired with premium TVs. It comes embedded with subwoofer that produce bass that is crystal clear, and it also offers 32-bit ultra-high quality sound. Its stylish thin compact body make it easy to fit into any space, though this doesn't have any negative impact on sound produce as claimed by company.

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The Samsung MS750 soundbar can be easily mounted unto TV without any complicated setup, and can be remotely control when paired with an optional Samsung Smart Remote Control. A wall-mount with optional I-shaped bracket will also be available for the device.

Apart from these two sound device Samsung also announced M9500 Ultra-HD Blu-ray player with Bluetooth Wireless Streaming support. These three gadgets will be showcase at CES next week.


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