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LG Announced 360-degree Floating Bluetooth Speaker with Wireless Charging

LG Floating Bluetooth Speaker (PJ9)

After unravelling several products earlier this month, most of which will be showcase at CES2017 event in Las Vegas next month, LG today has again made a new announcement about its latest piece of technology device. The Floating Bluetooth speaker with model number PJ9 is the company's latest invention that will be heading to CES in a week time. Unlike other portable Bluetooth speakers that we witnessed their birth, the Floating Bluetooth speaker is explicitly different in terms of design.

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The device is composed of two parts, the smaller part and the larger part, both held together by magnetic field. As can be seen in the image above, the smaller egg-shaped part floats on top of the larger part. The first part that stays afloat houses the loudspeakers and the Power On/Off, Volume Up/Down, Bluetooth On/Off and other buttons, while the second larger part is a cylindrical woofer station.

LG Floating Bluetooth speaker
When view "vertically", the Floating Bluetooth speaker looks like turbine engine of an aircraft.
According to LG, an electromagnet is placed inside the woofer station and under the egg-shaped loudspeaker, both magnets aligned to face same pole. The magnetic force between the two magnets repulse each other and the small speaker soar up and stay afloat.

The speakers can deliver equal sound quality in 360-degree and can be wirelessly charge. If the battery discharge during operation, the smaller speaker that floats in air automatically drops down on the larger woofer and starts charging. LG claimed up to 10 hours of music playback in a single charge. Besides its fancy attractive design, the Floating Bluetooth speaker (PJ9) is also waterproof certified with IPX7 rating, meaning, it can survive up to thirty minutes in one meter deep of water.

The Floating speaker will be available in Matte White color. LG is yet to reveal its pricing, but we expect more details to surface during the event.

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