How to Fix Paired Bluetooth Headset Not Connecting on Windows 10

I encountered a problem on my Laptop with my Bluetooth Headset after upgrading to Windows 10, whenever I paired my Bluetooth headset it connect and work, but if I connect it with let say another device like smartphone and I try to use it with my laptop again it won't connect, though I will still find it paired under Bluetooth Devices as shown in the picture below. So also is my Bluetooth speaker. When I was on Windows 7 there is usually a connect button that can be click to manually trigger the connection, but it seems Microsoft is nicer than I thought to have remove this button.

Bluetooth Devices

I searched online if there is probably someone else who may have experience the same and it turned out that many does, however, the solutions provided are not the quicky ones like tap and go, even on Microsoft forum. I later found out the solution and I thought I need to share it incase someone else path pass this place when looking for answer to the same problem I have resolved.

The solutions provided online so far were:

1.) Driver missing, you need to install your Bluetooth driver which I already had and is working perfectly.

2.) Turning on discovery by going to Bluetooth settings and enabling "Allow this Bluetooth devices to find this PC" then removing and repairing as RajithR said on Microsoft forum. Though it worked, but it takes too long and this solution needed to be apply over and over again after connecting to another device and then to the laptop again.

3.) Changing "Bluetooth Support Service" under "services.msc" (Search -> Services.msc) from manual to automatic, according to one of the Microsoft Support Engineers. Now, this work like charm, but the method I found out is faster and easy to grab by newbies.

What I do to Easily Connect My Bluetooth Headset

My Paired Headset Connecting

The short route I found out is by pressing the Windows Key + K key. This open a sidebar that looked like that of Windows Notification Center but instead show devices that were paired with the PC. As you can see in the image, it showed my bluetooth headset. I clicked on it and BOOOMM! It connect. This special sidebar provides the Bluetooth connect button I said was missing on Windows 10.

So, whenever you want to connect your paired Bluetooth devices (speakers, headsets, or any other gadgets) on Windows 10, simply press the Windows + K key and click on your device to trigger the connection.

P.S: Please make sure your Bluetooth device is already added to the paired list and that your device is turned on before applying the given method.

Hope I've helped someone. If this works for you please share your experience so others may benefit from it.
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