Monitor Your Android Battery Temperature With This Tiny Widget

Monitor Android Battery Temperature

Battery is one of the major components when it comes to portability in this computer age, whether it be a laptop, a mobile phone or a digital camera. Battery is needed as a source of energy to power the hardware which in turn are also govern by the software. When it comes to smartphones, lets say Android, a good battery means a healthy living because a bad battery can be disastrous to the environment and can also cause catastrophe to the well-being of human and to the device that harbors it.

While technology has improve many things, nature still remains one of the force that cannot be tame and the most deadly to any tech-made devices. When we say nature, we are talking about Air, Temperature, Humidity, Pressure e.t.c. In normal circumstances, Humidity and Pressure doesn't pose much threat (unless you suddenly grow wings and fly or magically turn into a mermaid), but Air and Temperature does. There are three sides to temperature, hot, warm and cold. The definition of hot and cold ranges for different devices, we will be looking into Android phone.

Samsung cancelled its Galaxy Note7, the company's latest note series two months after it was launched due to "Overheating" and multiple incidents of "Explosions", an issue caused by the battery.

The main determinant of "hot temperature" is heat and the bridge between heat and temperature is air. Heat can evolve in many ways, either naturally, technically or organically. Heat is a bad factor for portability because portability itself lacks the merit of air. Phones manufactured these days are packed in such a way that air flow within the board and carcass are restricted, this tend to increase the heat that are generate by the CPU and GPU, and this can affect other components such as battery especially if the outer layer of the phone is made of metal (metal is a good conductor of heat).

Battery cells are easily damage by heat, to make a phone battery last longer heat must be keep in check. Android dominate world phone market and most of these Android smartphones are extremely slim, powerful and are made of metal, so heat cannot be avoided. How can we know if an Android battery is too hot or normal? How can we measure an Android phone battery temperature in real-time? Fortunately, there is a tiny widget that can do the job.

Status Bar Mini Temperate Tab

Status Bar Mini Temperate Tab-2

Status Bar Mini is an Android widget app created by KF Software House. This app let you check your Android phone CPU usage, battery percentage, remaining storage, available RAM, date, time, and most importantly battery temperature. The widget can be placed anywhere on the screen, it can even be pin to the notification bar. When enabled, battery temperature of the Android device can be monitor in real-time. There is also an option to show the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

With Status Bar Mini, you can monitor your Android phone battery temperature while gaming, watching movies and running other applications as the widget stay afloat on the screen. It can even be configure to show or hide when running a certain app. This widget made it to our list of best five widgets every android users must have on their homescreen.

It supports Android 2.3+ (Gingerbread, Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat and Oreo) and weigh less than 1MB.

Download Status Bar Mini from Google Play.
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