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Google Answer to Microsoft Surface Hub is Jamboard, A 55" 4K Whiteboard


Google has leave its track again by skydiving from its software products into hardware sector with the announcement of a new digital whiteboard called Jamboard. The company earlier today took the wraps off this new innovation via its official blog. The Jamboard is explicitly meant for businesses judging by its huge price tag of US$6,000. So, what does it offers?

The device features a 55-inch touch display with 4K resolution, which supports 16 simultaneous touch input and comes packed with its own stylus and eraser that can be placed at the tray knotted to its stand at the base. The Jamboard is wired to the cloud and offers range of Google apps suit such as Docs, Slides, Sheets and Drive, all of which can be directly access by users anywhere in the world. An accompanied app let users remotely access and work with documents with their teammates right on their smartphone as well as on Jamboard itself.

According to Google, the Jamboard touchscreen was built for precision drawing and can automatically sense the difference between using the stylus to sketch or the eraser to start over. It also made it known that the stylus and eraser doesn't use batteries. Besides its hard sense of feeling, the Jamboard is also trained to recognize handwriting and shape. To make work simpler, it is pre-loaded with various tools such as sticky notes and stencils. Other features onboard includes are built-in HD camera, speakers, and Wi-Fi.

It reminds us of Surface Hub that was released by Microsoft in 2015, though this seems to offer something less but definitely unique. The Jamboard is scheduled to be available in 2017. Google is partnering with BenQ to bring it to wider audience globally.

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