New Apple AirPods is Here to Replace your EarPods, Wirelessly

Apple AirPods with Case

With the newly launched iPhone 7 series ditching the traditional 3.5mm audio jack, Apple has introduced a new device to compliment the loss. The AirPods as named is the wireless version of the predominant earpods which disappointingly won't work with the new iPhone 7.

When we first heard the name "AirPods" what first comes to our mind is the copter Tom Cruise used in Oblivion....remember? It's like Apple steal the name and part of its design if looked closely, the latest piece-of-the-art and beauty of technology. The tiny wireless earpiece definitely look sleek enough to convince patriotic Apple fans out there to lay down their wired earphones, but how much it will perform and the quality of sounds that will be pushed out through the speakers is still in question.

Apple AirPods

If the old (but gold) plug-and-play audio jack indeed missed its place to make the iPhone 7 to be invisible in water, the AirPods should atleast compliment this by being waterproof though not necessarily "fully", but again we have no details regarding this. The device will not only work on iPhone but with iPad, MacBook, Apple Watch and iMac as well.

It uses Apple newly invented chip "W1" to connect with the aforementioned devices using a Bluetooth-like connection. When paired, users can control music i.e increase/lowered volume, play, pause, next and even receive phone calls by lightly tapping two optical buttons located at the side which will activate Siri to listen to the user command. The AirPods is even made easy to use with sensors (including Accelerometer) preloaded. For instance, it will automatically start playing audio when inserted in ear while removing it will auto pause the current playlist. Also, taking it out of its casing auto activate it and putting it back turns it off.

The AirPods battery has an estimated run time of five hours, but the bundled case holds an additional charge that can render up to 24 hours of charging.

The Apple AirPods is priced at $159 USD and will be available in October.

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