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Enjion offers Full Apps Automation and Workflow Management at Low Price


Enjion App Automation

Enjion Inc. launched its flagship Business Process Automation platform. The next-gen workflow management system aims to rid the world of productivity loss and promote rework cost containment through a unique app builder approach. This means you can finally say goodbye to the endless email attachments. Enjion users build apps through an intuitive drag-n-drop designer and equally slick automation rule engine that integrates with hundreds of third applications such as Quickbooks, Salesforce, Google apps, Evernote, Zoho, Twitter and the list goes on.

Surprisingly while many of the competing automation systems allows for one way to integrate, Enjion allows three different and powerful ways to connect your workflow app to even the most difficult in-house last-gen applications by allowing webhook options through its rule engine, a powerful API which provides a key to the specific app you build or through third party integration platforms such as Zapier.

Enjion Interface_1

Perhaps the most powerful but underplayed feature that Enjion brings to the table is its extremely easy user management system. Administrators of your account have the ability to manage invited team members through either their individual accounts, preset roles/groups or customizable roles/groups. By assigning these access rights the administrators can have a granular control as desired from simply allowing certain groups to have access to particular apps to setting up which team members are allowed to view or edit particular fields within the apps.

This is great news for mid-size IT organizations which struggle with spending many-a-man hour on access management. With Enjion, you can effortlessly build apps to manage IT service desk, bug tracking, marketing & sales pipelines, project management or any of the thousands of crazy business process’ that seem specific to your organization and eat up your time. Beyond a cost effective solution, you are also given a 15 day unlimited access trial on sign up.

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