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Xiaomi Mi Bunny Smartwatch is a GPS tracker specifically meant for kids

Xiaomi Mi Bunny in Pink colour

Xiaomi has launched a new smartwatch primarily aimed at kids below age in China named Mi Bunny. The device is explicitly designed for tracking and monitoring purpose, something most parents will find very useful in knowing their kids day-to-day activities in school and other environments. The watch has a round face and rubber straps that are foamy enough to be soft on hand when put on. It comes with a built-in GPS with GLONASS that tracks movements and location including the environment in real-time. The recorded activities and location data are synchronize and save in Mi cloud as encrypted files.

The Mi Bunny smartwatch besides GPS also features Bluetooth and WiFi wireless connectivity, and can be paired with phones running Android 4.2+ (iOS not mentioned). Parents can view their children location in real-time as well as check recorded data and monitoring history over time. In case of danger, a panic button included with the watch when press send a distress signal to the parent's to alert them.

It can also be use to make and receive phone calls, thanks to SIM card embedded inside. Xiaomi claims six days of use in a single charge with 300mAh battery that powers the device. The Mi Bunny costs CNY 299 ($46) and is available in China. It comes in Pink and Blue colour options.

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