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[Special] Season's Greetings From CCN World Tech

CCN World Tech Season's Greetings

2015 is finally rounding up as we prepare for a new year ahead. It has been such a great one, a spectacular one for us. CCN World Tech experienced positive changes that further shapes what we are and what we target to deliver to people out there, to you our audience and our fellow readers.

This year, we undergo a change in our domain name (URL). Though we do this as requested by our loyal fans, it further helps people recognize us for who we are, and make it easier for people to remember our identity. It has been a huge work in patching things up, but finally, we can boldly say we are up and running.

This is one among tens of achievement made this year, not for us, but for you our lovely readers, learners, and visitors. Sharing those great contents without you to read them makes us nothing, we are simply nothing without you. We expect 2016 to be even greater as we have plans to make things more interesting and entertaining. Telling you what they are now will makes them less intriguing, so you'll just have to wait to find out.

With 4 days to Christmas and 11 days to new year, CCN World Tech is wishing all merry christmas and happy new year in advance. See you on the other side.

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