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Meet Rainbender, Your Next Generation Umbrella

Rainbender Umbrella

As simple as an umbrella is, its work cannot be underestimated. It has exist long before other tools came into existence and till now nothing is yet to replace it. Yes, it is a tool meant for only for two purpose, to protect against rain and sunlight. Technology may have change many things, how we bath, what we wear, how we communicate, and even how we see things, but the truth is, the umbrella we knew 20 years ago is still what we know today.

Now, something new is here to change that. It is more of a skill than a technology we think, but without technology it'll be un-achievable. A start-up company known as Rainbender has create a whole new umbrella with a different dimension called after the company's name, Rainbender. While this is not an air bender, it definitely looks capable to bend a rain (or should we say rain drop).

Other umbrellas we know open from bottom to the head and close from head to the bottom (except one), but Rainbender changes that. What you'll first notice is its compartment which is made of lightweight carbon fiber, Rainbender folds out from the head (instead of bottom as with other umbrellas) to the bottom, making it easy to open in a crowded space without marking someone close on the face.

The umbrella lift from the bottom and easily fold into its compartment when close. These changes two things. First, it keeps the rain left on the surface from droping when closing. Secondly, it makes it easier to pull out in a very enclose area. Also, it comes with an adjustable shoulder strap which makes it easy to carry around without feeling the weight.

The campaign is green on kickstarter. To get one, you'll have to seed a pledge as low as $50 USD. It'll start shipping before summer next year.

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