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InfinixBig6 Event On Nov 27, What Is Expected Of Infinix Next Flagship?

InfinixBIG6 Banner

Infinix is on the verge of releasing a new flagship months after partnering with Google to bring Android One program to Africa. The next-to-be device is being tout as a bridge that connect the middle-end with high-end in terms specifications. While the company is yet to pull the cloak off its name, the phone is being tease as InfinixBig6 with a campaign already on. What this means is yet unclear at this stage, but we do know its gonna be something to remember in next few years (or months, depending).

According to information reaching us, the phone is likely to launch first in Kenya. The not-yet-named device has already got an official launching date which is 27th of November, meaning, its going to be the last and a drawn-down curtain for 2015 so we can expect something promising and not disappointing. Now, regarding its specifications, the InfinixBIG6 is likely to come in phablet size and not smartphone. The "6" in its John name is hinting us a 6-inch display, and with such size we expect nothing less than full-HD (1080p) resolution to make it vibrant and enticing, that is if it is indeed 6-inch.

Dual SIM will definitely be supported (we haven't come across one that doesn't) and we can atleast expect Android 5.1 Lollipop to be on the software side. Taking a look back at Infinix smartphones launched previously, there's a higher chance that it will be packing a MediaTek chipset, if not, then it'll be the company first smartphone/phablet to opt-out of MediaTek territory. With MediaTek chipset comes the latest and commonly use MT6753 series with 64-bit architecture which we expect to be onboard, unless Infinix is aiming for something more powerful, something like *in whisper* Helio X10.

With MediaTek MT6753 comes the possibility of 4G LTE, atleast on one SIM, while the other may may retain only 3G. In photography, looking at nearly-phablet size devices Infinix has launched in the past such as Hot Note, between 8 and 13 megapixel can be vouch for on the rear, and 2 - 5 megapixel on the front (unless Infinix couldn't resist the selfie maniac, calming them with 8-megapixel).

These are only speculations ofcourse and should be taking lightly. Infinix will show us the real thing at the real event on November 27. You'll definitely be the first to know, just stick to us and we'll handle the rest.

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