Samsung Goes From Modern To Classic With Serif TV

Samsung Serif TV

Design and performance is the main criteria for a new product to be successful. You are only attracted to what you see and after then, how it performs. While technology seems to have push things farther up in this 21st century, steadily increasing the magnitude of art, design and performance, the basic structure or foundation of these were being slowly erase.

Samsung may have notice this and took one chance to bring up good memories with its new TV, Serif. Unlike the flat, LED, OLED TVs that are currently in vogue with ultra-thin bezel and curved display, the Serif is here to remind Pa's and Ma's how things were used to be in 70s. Samsung has partners with French designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec to produce what we called Classic in modern age.

Serif is not a smart TV, but its outer furniture design does give it a premium look. It can't be stick to the wall as it share its shape with letter "I" in Serif font. The curved edge at top and bottom in both front and back clearly shows that it is designed with "I" in mind. Besides its classical look and wooden box, you've got all the basic features you can found in todays TVs. Bouroullec has also redesigned Samsung standard interface to give it a distinct classic look.

The Serif TV comes in three sizes, 24-inch with HD display, 32-inch with full-HD display and 40-inch with Ultra-HD display. The later two has optional legs while the first does not. The TV will be available starting from November in UK, France, Germany and Sweden. It is expected to be priced at £499 ($558), £699 ($782) and £1,199 ($1,342) from the smallest to the largest when it goes on sale.
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