Pebble Time Round With Circular Colour E-ink Display Officially Launched

Pebble Time Round Smartwatch

The Kickstarter hero Pebble, today has launched its first round face smartwatch named Pebble Time Round, making it fourth smartwatch released by the firm since its existence. Pebble got its wing and popularity during its first campaign on Kickstarter back in 2014 which begot its first smartwatch with monochrome display, Pebble Time, smashing records with its extraordinary battery life. In early 2015, it released color e-ink display version which was later followed by Time Steel. All of these previous versions has one thing in common, square faces, but the new Time Round has a circular face which distinguish it from the rest.

Pebble doesn't make use of Android Wear OS as it uses its own operating system which support both Android and iOS. The new watch comes in a sleek thin steel body of 7.5mm and weight 28 grams, which is quite light if compare with previous release. This somehow has a negative side though, Pebble watches are known for their excellent battery life but its new circular watch is short on that as it can only maintain two days battery life.

The smartwatch has a colour E-ink LED Backlit display. Three buttons are placed at its right side which works as Up, Down and Select, while a back button is placed at the left side. It comes with a new timeline features that lets users scroll through upcoming and previous events in calenders, emails, notifications and other records. This feature is becoming more popular and its not suprising seeing Apple implementing it on its latest WatchOS 2 update released earlier this week.

The Pebble Time Round smartwatch comes in two band sizes, 14mm and 20mm, that can be easily swap with other straps with same dimension. Disappointedly, it is not waterproof certify so you can't swim it, but it is splashproof (bath ready) with IPX7 rating. The device will be available for pre-orders starting today in US and will start shipping from November. It costs $249 USD.

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