Google Pixel C May Be iPad Pro Strong Rival, But Is It Real? Find out

Google Pixel C

With its 2015 Nexus device in tow, which are expected to be officially announced today, a new report has surfaced online proclaiming Google has another device at work and it may launch before fourth-quarter of 2015 ends. The device tipped to be named Pixel C will runs latest Android 6.0 Marshwallow out-of-the-box just as expected on Nexus smartphones that were about to be announce.

Google is going for big screen this time around, the report claims Pixel C will sports a 10.2-inch display with 308ppi pixel density, (i) this automatically classify it as a tablet. It will comes bundle with a detachable keyboard, (ii) which sub-classify it into hybrid or 2-in-1 tablet category.

Going back in time, this is not the first Google device that will bears Pixel name. In March, Google launched Chromebook Pixel which runs Chrome operating system out-of-the-box, but the about-to-be-here Pixel C is specifically mentioned to have Android functionality. While the "C" in front of Pixel can be interpreted as Chrome which is unlikely, it may also hint that the tablet might possess a USB Type-C port. Chromebook Pixel has two USB Type-C, it won't be strange to see Pixel C having one.

Other features expected to be onboard includes Nvidia X1 processor, Maxwell GPU, and 3GB RAM. No information yet about the front and back camera, battery capacity, and connectivity. The Pixel C is likely to be a flagship, built to compete with the new iPad Pro and upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro 4. But ofcourse, these are all rumours and speculations. So, take it with a pinch of salt, and don't forget to add Garlic.

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