Touchjet Wave Can Turns Any TV Into Android Orb With Virtual Touchscreen

TouchJet Wave main

How awesome will it be if that idle flat screen TV sitting at one corner of your room turns into a giant Android emulator with virtual touchscreen, very awesome you will say. Now, there's one thing that can make that a reality and it is already here.

Touchjet, a start-up company (not really) has introduced a new device named Wave. This gadget is already storming the crowd-funding city Indiegogo and we bet you can't resist the pleasure it brings along. First of all, any TV this thin portable stick is attached to automatically turns it into a touch-controlled Android screen.

Touchjet Wave on TV
The Touchjet Wave is simply here to push further how we use our TV. Imagine being able draw, use Microsoft Office applications, watch YouTube videos on your TV, and that's not all, it'll even turn the screen to touchscreen, overlaying it with invisible infra-red light that track fingers movement, this wipe out fingerprints from blurring the display as you need not to touch the TV screen before you control what is shown. Also, an accompanied app lets you easily transfer photos from your smartphone to the TV with just a click.

To get started, simply clip it to the head of the TV, plug its HDMI mouth inside TV HDMI input port and BOOM! You are online. The Wave clips to any TV between 20-inch and 60-inch. You get one shipped to your doorstep by pledging as low as $99 USD.
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