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Samsung Unveils R5, R3 and R1 Portable 360-degree Wireless Speakers

Samsung R5, R3, R1 360-degree Wireless Speaker

Samsung has unveiled three new portable Wireless Audio speakers with 360-degree range dubbed R5, R3 and R1, ahead of IFA event scheduled for next week. The speakers are identical but varies in size, from the biggest which is R5 to the smallest R1 while R3 stays in-between the two. Their acoustic sound is also measured according to their size.

The speakers are accompanied with a Multiroom app with support of Android and iOS which let users control music, shuffle and search queue playlist with their smartphone, tablet and smartwatch. The app also lets users share music in one tap across connected Wifi device on the same network.

The R5, R3, and R1 wireless speakers has built-in tap and swipe features that lets users control the device in a gesture-like manner. To further enriches user experience and bring maximum satisfaction, Samsung has also partners with Qobuz to bring high quality music to users for best listening pleasure.

The device comes with a starting price of $199, they will be showcase at IFA which will begins on September 4. We expect their availability to be announce during the event.

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