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LG Watch Urbane Luxe Is Here To Put $1,200 On Your Wrist

LG Watch Urbane Luxe 23-karat gold edition

LG ahead of IFA has unveiled a new premium smartwatch which is strictly meant for the executives (we think), the Watch Urbane Luxe. The name might sound familiar, yea, that's because it is the luxury version of Watch Urbane that was launched in March. The "Luxe" should have hint you though.

So, whats the difference you might ask. Well, nothing changes internally atleast but physically, a glance at it will tell you that there's something much more about this device that miss the eye (the left one for sure). Unlike standard version that comes in a stainless steel body, the Watch Urbane Luxe is made of pure 23-carat gold which the firm claims is much stronger than 24 carat gold used in Jewelry. It further claims that it is heavier than 18 carat gold used in other traditional luxury watch.

This is our first time of seeing LG making a luxury version of its smartwatch. Apple has done that several times, the not-so recent Apple Watch turns gold within two months after it was released. Is the Korean company taking same foot path? Maybe.

Only 500 units of Watch Urbane Luxe will be made and each will costs around US$1,200 (#239,000 NGN). It will be showcase at IFA event this week in Berlin. We'll definitely be on the 501 list.

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