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Is Sony SRS-LSR100 a Wireless Speaker or a Remote Control? Yes and No

Sony SRS-LSR100

The new device from Sony is not only here to awe you but to convince you of what you are actually seeing. The device which we can't find a name fit enough to categorize in a specific group of gadgets, SRS-LSR100, is both a remote control and a wireless audio speaker.

You might ask, how does the two blend together? Well, Sony actually think it's cool to have a remote control and a wireless speaker fitted together in one device. The SRS-LSR100 if looked from above is a pretty TV remote control, but if looked at from a different angle you may doubt if its the same device you've just looked upon.

Sony SRS-LSR100 Volume Tune
The device is actually a remote control which can be use to tune and change channels of a TV, but it is equipped underneath with two stereo speakers with 2W driver. The trick here is, you can have your TV audio sound with you anywhere you go in the house as long as you have the remote with you. The SRS-LSR100 connects wirelessly to the TV via 2.4GHz Wifi connection and transmit audio sound from the TV into the two speakers which you can listen to even if you're not close to the TV at all. It has a 3.5mm audio jack where you can plug in a headphone and listen without disturbing the entire household. Also, volume of speakers in the remote can be control without interfering with audio sound of the TV.

This device proves more useful especially when you are watching an interesting program on telly but you are forced to leave the room due to a call, taking the remote along with you still feed you on, letting you know what is being talked about on TV in real-time. The Sony SRS-LSR100 is only available in Japan for now, it costs JPY 19,800 (US$163).

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