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E1 by Z claims World's Smallest 4K UHD Camera with Interchangeable Lens

Hands On: Z E1 4K Camera

Some of the world's renown gadgets has their seed planted, watered and germinated on crowd-funding soil before they were ripe enough to take the world by storm. We already have few on our list which includes the now popular Pebble Time smartwatch that is contending head-to-head with Apple Watch due to its excellent battery life; FES E-Ink watch by Fashion Entertainment, a subsidiary of Sony company that changes appearance at owners will, and Bluesmart suitcase, all begot from crowd-funding campaign. Now, something much more interesting has again kick off which has remarkable properties and its probably the next to storm camera industry.

A start-up company known as "Z" has set a flag on Kickstarter, taking the vicinity for its campaign with a billboard raised upon which is written "E1, world's smallest 4K UHD camera". We have to shade our eye to clearly read what is written on the billboard as sun radiation seems to focus on it.

Z E1 4K Camera Interchangeable Lens

The camera is so small that you can easily mistake it as one of those kids accessories with lens that shows different images when a button is pressed (remember it?), but this has a solid look and its large round front lens will tell you it is the real thing. First of all, E1 Camera by Z has interchangeable lens just like pro mirrorless cameras, where you can easily swap different lenses for different capture with supports of Panasonic Lumix, Leica and Olympus lens. While its small size seems ridiculous to what it has to offer, it'll easily beat most high-end cameras out there. The camera can capture cinema-quality 4K video and Ultra-HD video without flinching, we are talking about 4096 × 2160 resolution at 24fps and 3840 × 2160 resolution at 30fps with H.264 compression.

It comes with a 16-megapixel micro four-thirds lens sensor that can shoot up to 102,400 ISO for best shot in low-light, this can be view on a 2.5-inch LCD screen placed at its rear. A special 3D noise filter further reduce noise and jitter that may crawl in during capture. As if thats not enough, an accompanied Android and iOS app let users control the camera with their smartphone via Bluetooth and Wifi connectivity onboard. The firm claimed E1 can last up to 45 minutes when recording 4K video which is outstanding considering it pocket-friendly size.

The campaign is already live on Kickstarter, those who back it now get it shipped to their doorstep starting from December 8 at a discounted price of $599 USD.

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