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Forget About Keys, Apple Watch Now Takes Control Of Hyundai Cars

Apple Watch Now Controls Hyundai Cars

There are many ways to enjoy life, both for the rich and poor ofcourse, but there is a middle line between the two. Enjoying life is not only limited to what we wear or eat in this era but type of gadget we use, which makes life more easier in plenty of ways. For instance, you can decide to start and warm the engine of your car packed in the garage right from your bathroom in your yakuzzi bathtub without holding any keys, really? A myth two years ago but now a reality.

Did i just say without any keys? Yea exactly. Android Wear brings that functionality to smartwatch few months ago and many car industries have adopted it, one of them is Hyundai. Earlier this year, Hyundai launched Blue Link app for Android Wear smartwatches which enables users to control their car from their wrist.

The firm, however, has taken a step further by launching a new Blue Link app for Apple Watch. What does Hyundai Blue Link app does? Well, it let you does what you normally do with your car key. You can start/stop your car engine, lock/unlock doors, horn, on/off headlight, and even helps find your car if stolen or missing.

The Apple Watch Hyundai Blue Link app for Hyundai cars brings voice control along, meaning you don't need to flick your fingers around that tiny screen or tweak the Crown dial, just a utter a command and your car will respond. However, without iPhone you won't be able to use Huawei Blue Link App on your watch.

This only works on Hyundai Blue Link compatible cars including all Sonata series extending back as far as 2012. The app is available on Apple store.

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