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Vertu Signature For Bentley, A Basic Handset With £14,500 Price Tag

Vertu Signature For Bentley

If you think your phone is luxurious enough, think again, because something else is here that truely defines what luxury is. The premium phone maker known for its luxurious flagships Vertu, has partnered with the exotic car maker Bentley to launch a new phone named Vertu Signature For Bentley.

This is the second time Vertu will partnered with Bentley to produce a mobile phone, the first begot Vertu For Bentley that was launched last year. Unlike the first, Vertu new Signature For Bentley doesn't offers smartphone functionality, its just an ordinary handset in an extraordinary way.

Exclusive wallpapers and boot screen of Bentley is laced into the software on the inside while Bentley logo made of titanium is sitting at the top and bottom. Its keypads are carved out of sapphire crystal layered underneath with ruby for premium feel when touch.

The phone itself got its design from Bentley Mulsanne Speed, sporting Beluga Black calf leather at the back and carbonfibre pillow. The screen also is made of sapphire crystal. Beyond the endowment, Vertu is also offering full customization depending on customer choice with option to select different gems, leathers, and colors.

The Vertu Signature For Bentley will be available for pre-orders starting from Thursday, so you can as well book your first class sit now. Its Official launching will kickoff on September 18. As to its pricing, you'll need to shed atleast £14,500 ($22,780 USD, #4,530,000 NGN) to lay your hand on one. That's 25 iPhone 6 Plus packed in one body with some changes left to buy a leather wallet.


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