Microsoft Windows 10 To Arrive On July 29, Here's How To Get It For Free

Microsoft Windows 10 Desktop

Atlast, Microsoft has officially announced the arrival of its Windows 10 and made known the precise date when the new operating system will start rolling out. According to a statement made by the firm on Monday, Windows 10 will be available from July 29 and rollout to older device which includes systems, laptops, and tablets currently running Windows 7.1, Windows 8.0, and Windows 8.1 will take effect immediately at that exact date.

Microsoft promised earlier on that users who are still using their previous Windows version starting from Windows 7.1 will be given a chance to freely update their system to Windows 10 within a year after it was released, after then users will need to purchase before they can use it. As previously confirmed, Windows 10 will comes in five different versions, Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Enterprise, Windows 10 Education, and Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise but only Windows 10 Home will be available as a free upgrade.

In the meantime, Microsoft has made it easy for existing users on their platforms to upgrade to Windows 10 by a new process called Reservation. Users will receive a notification on their taskbar (or system tray as some calls it), a pop-up notification to be precise as seen in the picture below at the right side under the screen.

Windows 10 Taskbar Notification
The notification will says "Reserve your free upgrade", they will need to click the icon and insert their email address to be notify if their reservation was successful. To get the upgrade reservation notification, Windows Update will need to be enabled (System Information -> System Update -> Activate).

Hardware compatibility matters alot to some PCs especially the old ones but Microsoft made an assurance that they've worked hard to make sure that Windows 10 is compatible with all devices running their previous Windows versions, we'll have to wait to confirm that. With Windows 10 coming to tablets, laptops, PCs and convertible devices on July 29, nothing has been said regarding when the update will be available for Windows Phone devices.

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