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Apple Watch 2 To Support Video Calling Via Facetime Camera, And Wifi?

Apple Watch 2 Concept

Apple debuted its first smartwatch in March but it doesn't surface till end of April. It is exactly three months since its launching and now rumours of its second generation has begin to circulate. It's too early for that we thought.

The Apple Watch 2 as revealed will include a Facetime camera, letting users make video calls right on their wrist. This brings a front camera onboard which first generation of the device lacks. The camera may even be use to take selfie but that'll depends on its megapixel. Apple Watch support voice calling from the start and this will probably make it to Apple Watch 2.

The second thing is, Apple Watch 2 will not solely depend on iPhone for certain functionality. This has been a thumb down for the first and Apple is ready to correct that. The use of Apple Watch is restricted to iPhones only (iPhone 4, 5, and 6) and the connection is only made available via Bluetooth, if rumours says it right then Apple Watch 2 may brings along Wifi support, enabling users to use the watch without their phone.

It will be a good move if Apple remove the restriction of using its Watch only on iOS device, this may as well be the case with Watch 2, who knows.

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