Tinypic Pictures Stopped Showing On Opera Mini, Steps Taken So Far

Opera Browser

Opera has got good name and reputation with its internet browsers, they are currently on top of the league when compare with other web browsers. Its most used browser on mobile phone, Opera Mini, is light and renders webpage almost exactly as it looks when view on desktop browser. However, there is an issue we think you should know.

Visitors who access our page via Opera Mini browser will have noticed that all pictures and photos included with each posts and other areas of this website are not showing. This is the issue we want to call your attention to.

On March 16, a bug erupt that makes it impossible to view pictures hosted on Tinypic. Tinypic is a sub-brand of Photobucket, a site that offers free image hosting service. The problem is, Opera Mini auto turn this pictures to tiny blocks and fails to completely render them.

The bug only affect Opera browser as other browsers has no difficulties in rendering tinypic pictures. We announced last week but we think it is necessary for our readers to know what is going on and feed them more on steps we have taken.

We called Opera developers to attention concerning this bug through their forum, though they try to defend their integrity as a normal firm we do but later they confirmed it. During the discussions that follows another user also report the same issue which he posted on Windows 7 forum. We have been assured that the complaint has been forwarded to server guys but the time it will take for the bug to get fixed is unknown.

If you can't view pictures on this site via your mobile browser, we suggest you install UC Browser to your device from HERE as it renders all pages perfectly. We will let you know when the bug is fixed.


The issue has been resolved and all pictures are now displaying on Opera Mini browser. Special thanks to Olais at Opera Forum.
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