Sony BSP60 Smart Wireless Speaker Says Future Is Here In Retro-Style

Sony BSP60 Smart Wireless Speaker

During MWC event that was held in Barcelona earlier this month, Sony unveiled a smart wireless speaker named Sony BSP60. It is unlike other speakers you have ever seen, both in shape and design.

The BSP60 is round in shape when first hold in hand but when open at the head it turns into a classic retro alarm clock but futuristic in design. It doesn't only produce top notch sound quality but comes with amplifier system that can be use to further enhance sound output. The device features a display screen and there are four capacity touch buttons below it that can be use to control volume, access settings e.t.c.

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The screen does not only show current system feed but can display notifications received on user smartphone when hooked up via Bluetooth connection. Besides Bluetooth, it also comes with NFC, this make it easy to connect with NFC-enabled electronic devices.

The smartest thing about this mickey is it can be control by voice. Saying "Ok, Speaker" when off will turn it on and makes it pop out its ears that are auto driven by built-in motors.

Volume, channels and other settings can be control with voice as well as notifications, it can even read them out aloud if you want it to and when phone is misplaced it'll help you find it. Alarm functionality and weather forecast onboard makes sure you never get late to work.

The Sony BSP60 smart wireless speaker carries a price tag of €199. Availability still remains unknown.

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