Kairos New Smartwatch Combines Mechanical With Digital, Support All OS

Kairos Watch Face
Kairos Notifications Display

There are lots going on in smartwatch segments as tech industries begins to focus more on it with aims of blending technology with traditional watches. Apple debuted its first smartwatch last week which only works with iPhones, it is very rare (or doesn't exist) to see a smartwatch that support Windows Phone because they are consider far behind but something new is here to change that.

Kairos is a smartwatch that combines both mechanical and digital into one body, it features a transparent OLED display that display notifications and messages which doesn't hide clock hands moving under it. The watch support all three major mobile operating systems; Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, which means you need not to change/buy a new phone to use it. An ARM Cortex M4 powered the device and it also comes with sensors that can help track fitness during sport activities and work-out.

As claimed by the firm behind it, Kairos can last up to seven days in a single charge which is quite impressive. The smartwatch was first announced last year and even showed up at CES in January. The watch will comes in different styles with a starting price of $549 USD while a special edition will cost $1,249 USD (only 1000 units will be made). Availability is yet to be announce.
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