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Full Details Of Apple Watch: Specs, Features, Pricing, And Availability

Apple Watch Sport and Gold Editions

The scheduled Apple event that takes place on Monday brought the long awaiting Apple Watch on stage which is the first smartwatch to be launched by the firm. It has been delayed and postponed several times but now it's finally here. The Watch comes in three variants each split into two different categories with different price based on their models.

Apple Watch Pricing and Availability:

The cheapest and most affordable is the Apple Watch Sport Edition which carries a price tag of £299 ($449 USD) for 38mm version and £339 ($509 USD) for 42mm version, this is followed by Apple Watch Steel Edition with a starting price of £479 ($719 USD), while the Apple Watch Gold Edition which is made of 18-karat gold comes with a starting price of £8,000 ($12,000 USD) and £13.500 ($20,250) for 38mm version. The smartwatch will go on sale from April 24 in US, UK, China, France, Canada, Australia, Japan, Germany and other regions has announced by the firm while pre-order opening will start on April 10 on Apple Website.

Design And Basic Functions:

Suprisingly, Apple Watch doesn't comes with a round face as expected by many (even us) but rectangular and sitting below it is a flexible touchscreen retina display while there is a dial button at the rear right side which was named as Crown. The Crown makes it look classic on the outside and you might mistaken it as traditional watch if you don't take a good look. The Crown handles all form of navigation including, select, pinch to zoom, scroll up and down. It can also be use to access Home area without the need of using the watch touchscreen functionality. There is no keyboard or touchpad onboard for inputing words, writing notes or composing messages, all of this is carried out by pre-loaded Apple Siri assistant which users can control with their voice. Meaning, you can get your task easily done without pin-pointing the touchscreen with your fingers, Siri and Crown got you covered. Moreover, if you've got large thumbs or your fingers are kinda flat you ain't need to worry.


The Apple Watch sports a Heart-Rate sensor for tracking and monitoring wearers heart-beat rate. It also include NFC, this provide an atmosphere for users to use mobile payment options and it can even be use to remotely control NFC-enabled electronic devices such as Home Theaters and Speakers. Accelerometer and Barometer sensor are onboard while GPS is not included.

Apps And Notifications:

The Apple Watch needs a companion for functionality and that's where iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus comes in. The Watch itself doesn't have Apple App store pre-loaded on it, app can be download and sideload to it via an accompanied apps that users will need to install on their iPhone. An 8GB built-in storage also let users store musics and photos. All notifications including text messages, emails, calenders, or from social networks can be read and reply. Notification center allow users to read and access all incoming alerts with their description popping out on the watch display screen. It can be configure to users liking with options of gesture control and smart settings which include Smart Replies that auto read messages and offers reply options for users to choose and Handoff. The most interesting thing is users can make phone calls and receive calls on Apple Watch.

Themes and Personalizations:

The customizing aspect is not left out, users can choose different faces to make their watch looks different on the surface and can download more faces via App store to their device. The Watch comes pre-loaded with 11 different faces some of which are Astronomy, Solar, Timelapse, Events, and Moon. Different bands colour options are also available for users to choose from or buy, most popular being Modern Buckle, Leather Loop, Link Bracelet, Sports Band, and much more.

Battery Life:

As claimed by Apple, the smartwatch can last up to 12 hours in a single charge but we'll have to wait to confirm how true that is. Charging the battery is much more easier than all smartwatches i've ever review, the Apple Watch can be charge wirelessly through magnetic inductive charger which is plug into wall socket while the watch itself is lay on a firm that passes the juices to the battery inside.

Apple got it right this time and though am a patriotic Android fan (am i?) i won't deny that am impressed. The pricing is spanky when compares with other smartwatches out there i.e Pebble Time but it does worth it.

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