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Apple Launches Macbook, Macbook Pro And Macbook Air 2015 Editions

Apple Macbook 2015 Edition
Apple Macbook Keyboard

During an event hosted by Apple on Monday, the firm has launched its latest upgraded notebook series, the Macbook, Macbook Pro 2015 and Macbook Air 2015. The first comes with starting price of $1,299 USD (Roughly #260,000 NGN); the second at $2,100 (#420,000 NGN) USD, and the later at $1,125 USD (#225,000 NGN). The three device will go on sale next month.

The Apple Macbook comes with a premium metallic build, streamlined and shaped to the slimmest as far as the body can hold with 13.1mm thickness and 907 grams in weight. The trackpad has been enhanced and is now pressure-sensitive, this activate different functions depending on pressure apply with every keystroke. Heptic feedback onboard also let users aware of each key press when typing with a soft vibration.

The Apple Macbook features a 12-inch retina display with a resolution of 2304 x 1440 pixels. It is powered by an Intel Core M Broadwell processor with a clock speed of 1.1GHz coupled with 8GB of RAM and 256GB SSD storage. A 1.2GHz processor, 8GB RAM, and 512GB SSD option will also be available.

However, Apple has erased some connectivity ports to minimize the size of its notebook leaving just one USB-C port on the left side which now act as both charging point for battery and connection for external USB devices. Knowing well that this is gonna hurt users badly, Apple dedicated a USB-C Multi Adapter which comes with multiple ports that can be use all at once. The adapter includes USB 3.1 ports and HDMI port.

During our speculations on what USB type-C port really is, we realize that it can render a data transfer speed of up to 10GB per second (that's brilliant) and being a universal standard port it can easily be converted and hook up with any type of pins, mouth via convertible cords or adapter as you may call it. Apple claims its USB-C port can offer a transfer speed of more than 5GB per second but they didn't mention 10.

Much like Macbook 2015 Edition, the Macbook Pro 2015 also comes with pressure sensitive trackpad and heptic feedback. It features a 13-inch retina display and deep inside is a 3.1GHz fifth-generation Intel Core i5 processor coupled with Intel HD Graphics 6100 GPU. It has a battery life of 10 hours.

Lastly, the Macbook Air 2015 comes in two display variants, 11-inch and 13-inch. It is driven by 2.2GHz fifth-generation Intel Core processor topped with Intel HD Graphics 6000. It holds two Thunderbolt port with 20GB per second data transfer speed while Bluetooth and Wifi takes hold of wireless connectivity.

[Pictures Courtesy of 9to5, Mac Rumour]

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