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Sony Take The Wrap Off SmartEyeGlass, Launches Developers Edition At $840

Sony SmartEyeGlass with Controller

Earlier this year at CES event Sony announced the developers kit for SmartEyeGlass Attach, a single lens module that can be attach to any glass wear, providing full depth view of vision and displaying information regarding wearers environment. While there's no word yet on SmartEyeGlass Attach, the firm on Tuesday has officially launched the developers edition of SmartEyeGlass (SED-E1).

For those that may not know, SmartEyeGlass Attach differs from SmartEyeGlass but they both belong to the same group. The Attach is a single lens module that can be hook-up with any glass wear whereas the later is a spectacle. It display indepth field of vision in a argumented reality way, making it possible to read messages and notifications right on the lens screen. Sony SmartEyeGlass runs Android OS and it can be connect with smartphone (running Android 4.4+ to be precise) via accompanied app which was also launched in Google Play earlier today. The smartglass comes equipped with a 3-megapixel camera.

It includes a controller that packs the battery needed to powers the device and mic, speaker, and touch sensors for performing certain task. The Smartglass accompanied app also let users access notifications and even control the device from their smartphone.

Sensors for additional tracking are not left out which includes accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, and proximity. SmartEyeGlass Developers Edition will be available starting from next month at $840 USD in ten countries including UK, US, Japan, and France.

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