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Sesame Smart Lock: Unlock Your Doors With Your Smartphone Without Keys

Sesame Smart Lock

Life is getting much more easier and we are getting much more lazier. The "easier" we are referring to is not planting a coffee tree and harvesting it in three days but getting on with life without stress.

Driverless car will soon be here to kick off driving stress, just sit back and keep your newspaper at hand while your car drives you to your destination (but don't close your eye). We already have shoes that guides feet even if you don't know where you going and cups that decides what's good for your health and can measures calories of any breveages you pour inside it, but now something new is here that will erase the use of door keys.

Sesame Smart Lock is a new invention that's currently roaring on Kickstarter, it works pretty simple and doesn't needs the knowledge of carpentry to fit into house doors. With Sesame you can lock and unlock your house door with your smartphone, the lock can even be program to knock the door anytime you unlock it. It comes with an accompanied app that users will install on their smartphone to control the lock on the door.

Sesame Smart Lock uses military grade encryption so you should be well assure that your door won't be hackable. What's more? You can share your access with friends so they can get in and out when you are not around, anytime they lock or unlock your door you will receive a notifications of their doings (pretty smart). The lock can be fit into any house door and will only cost you $89 USD for Bluetooth version and $139 USD for Wi-Fi version and that is if you join the funding on Kickstarter. It will start shipping in May.

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