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Sesame Is A Touch-Free Smartphone That Offers Calling For The Disabled

Sesame Touch-Free Smartphone

A perfect able body can handle his/her phone and do whatever (s)he wants anytime anywhere, from making calls to sending messages and surfing the net, but have you ever think of how a disabled person with paralyze or un-functioning arm communicate with his/her long distant family or relations? Technology aims to provide comfort for each and every individuals, while it seems smartphone evolution are been benefited from able bodies, people with disabilities are not left behind.

Sesame-Enable is a firm based in Israel that has the passion for people with disabilities, the firm has launched a new smartphone that can be control with head movement, gestures via a front facing camera and with voice as well, which helps people with various kind of disabilities like Cerebral Palsy, ALS, Multiple Sclerosis and others in accessing and using functionality of a smartphone. The Sesame as the phone was named is a customized re-programmed Google Nexus 5.

It all begins when Giora Livne, an electrical power engineering was watching a TV program, Oded was showcasing its mobile video game that can be control by head gesture. Giora got inspired and contact Oded and that's how the project begins. Giora himself is disabled with quadriplegic but his help has brought smile upon younger generation.

The phone will start shipping from March, it can be order from Indiegogo

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