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Haven't Find A Gift For Your Geeky Girlfriend For Val? She'll Love This

Valentine Gift For Geeky Women

Today as special as it is marks Valentines day on our calender. In one word, a day to share and to receive love but some took it as an ideal way to make their relationship even stronger and to show that special care for their spouse. If you are lucky enough to have a geek as your heartrob on the feminine side, presenting her a gadget as a valentine gift will surely means alot not to her alone but your relationship.

Now, you have a geek as a girlfriend you need to present her something geeky. We recommend you take a look at the two gadgets listed below which was exclusively made for women and we hope she loves it.

Smart Sport Bra Victoria Secret
1.) Incredible Smart Sport Bra: A sport bra made by victoria secret that doesn't just help make you fit during exercise but also measure and monitor heart-rate of the wearer with built-in heart rate monitor placed at the chest area. Its clothing is made from Body-Wick fabric that retains moisture and helps body cool and dry during exercise. Secure that heart of your girl and let her remember you anytime her heart beat under your gifting bra. You can order one from Amazon At $69.99

Intel Mica Smart Bracelet
2.) Mica Smart Bracelet: Make your girl smarter with this gadget made by Intel and Opening Ceremony, coated with 18K of gold and adorned with Larpis stone which makes it stand-out from other bracelets. It comes with a 1.6-inch sapphire touchscreen display that can be use to send and receive text messages, notifications while it can also be linked up with popular social networking site like Facebook. Pre-installed Yelp app let you easily receive recommendations of nearby stores and restaurant and built-in battery will last up to two days on single charge. It doesn't rely on other device such as smartphone to function. Let her feel special anytime she looks at her wrist. You can order Mica Smart Bracelet on Opening Ceremony Website at $475 USD (US only).

If the second option is too pricey you can go for the first but we think our ladies worth more than anything we can give them. Happy Valentines day.

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