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5 Best Widgets Every Android Users Must Have On Their Homescreen

Top 5 Best Free Android Widgets

Widget is one of the most important aspect when it comes to customizing our Android smartphone homescreen. Jt can be used in accessing third party apps and other system functions in one tap without navigating around. Some widget were even designed to control and change system settings and configuration such as phone brightness, wifi, bluetooth, synchronization, profile, data connection, and many more.

Almost all apps (excluding games) comes with a widget, it is so rare to see one that does not, why? Because widgets are closer and nearer to reach on our Android phones. Today, we will be sharing five useful widgets you must have on your Android homescreen.

1.) Status Bar Mini: As its name suggest, Status Bar Mini is a widget made to replace your Android notification bar. It is a text reading bar that can be placed anywhere on the phone interface. It is fully customizable and doesn't consumes RAM. The widget can display CPU usage, RAM usage, date, time, calender, battery status (in %), remaining built-in storage, available external storage, and battery temperature in real time. The widget can be placed vertically or horizontally and users can change text colour, size, background transparency and layout. An awesome widget you must have. Download Status Bar Mini

Weather And News Widget Info

2.) Weather And News Info Widget by Fusion: This widget let users read latest news headlines right on their Android screen. It comes with five tabs, each with different features.

  • (i) Weather tab: This shows weather information about city, wind speed, and humidity. Clicking on it takes you to a page where you can read five days weather forecast of your area.
  • (ii) Calendar: this shows current calendar date, it also works with android built-in calendar to display upcoming events.
  • (iii) Clock: It shows the current local time of your city.
  • (iv) News Feeds: This shows the current news in real time. It can be updated manually or automatically depending on an user preference. Under settings, the news feed can be configured based on what the user is interested in reading. Sports, entertainment, world news, top stories, health, and technology can be select.
  • (v) Battery Status: This display your phone battery status and temperature. It also tells you about your battery health.
Download News And Weather Widgets by Fusion.

3.) Easy Touch: An intelligent floating widget or mobile assistant as the developer claims, that let users access everything on their phone anywhere on the screen. This widget further broadens Android multitasking experience. You can change your phone brightness, take screenshot, clean memory thereby freeing space, clean cache, access wifi, bluetooth, data, gps, apn, flashlight, just to mention few. Very interactive and easy to use. Download Easy Touch.

4.) Tiny Flashlight + LED by Devuni: There are many flashlight apps on Play Store (probably hundreds), but we haven't seen the type that will light up during sleep mode or when the phone is locked. Tiny flashlight comes handy during the night, it features alternative light source like using phone screen as light and it possessed some tricks that can rob your mind. We especially love the siren light that makes your phone screen blinks blue/red like police siren. It includes a widget that you can place anywhere on your homescreen, just a tap on it will turn your flashlight on and off.

Download Tiny Flashlight + LED

Brilliant Quotes And Quotations Widget

5.) Brilliant Quotes And Quotations: Ever fancy reading quotes from world's great leaders, politicians, musicians, artists, writers, footballers, and many more, then this app is for you. Brilliant Quotes And Quantations is an app with a collection of over 3600 quotes from world's greatest men, it comes with a sleek interface and doesn't require internet connection. This widget let you read famous quote right on your homescreen, and the good thing is it can be customized to match your background theme. Background colour, text size, and text colour can be changed depending on an user preference. Very informative and educative.

Download Brilliant Quotes And Quotations.

We hope your Android homescreen looks awesome after adding these widgets. Which widgets are currently on your homescreen? Let us know via comment.

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