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Microsoft Office Hit Google Play Store With Word, Powerpoint And Excel

Microsoft Office App For Android

Microsoft has widen its border further and head into Android community with the launch of Microsoft Office for Android. The apps hit Google Play earlier today which include Word, Powerpoint, and Excel. Outlook is also on the way.

The newly released Microsoft Office for Android is free and can be download on Google Play store. However, only Tablets are supported as of now. Minimum requirements are 7-inch display or above, 1GB RAM, Android 4.4+, and atleast a dual-core processor. Basic work such as editing, creating a document and printing can be used freely but users will need to subscribe for Office 365 premium to use advance functionality. The subscription costs £7.99 per month and offers usage on up to 5 tablets, free 60 mins Skype call, and Microsoft supports.

Over 110 countries and 33 languages are supported which makes it even more appealing. Get yours from the link below.

Download Microsoft Word For Android
Download Microsoft Powerpoint For Android
Download Microsoft Excel For Android

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