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Chat And Send Text On Whatsapp For Free Around The World

WhatSim ChatSim card

The launch of Whatsapp Web was a huge step for the firm to gain new users who have been denied of connecting with their friends, families, and their loved ones at their offices or at their working place. As if that was not enough, an Italian firm known as Zeromobile has launched a new SIM card that will allow people to experience the all-in-all of Whatsapp at no extra cost.

WhatSim as called, can only be used with Whatsapp and won't render any other mobile service. WhatSim can be use for free in over 150 countries with roaming supports, and there is no limit in data usage.

While receiving and sending text, including status and location updates are totally free, users will need to buy credit to use the multimedia functions on the platform such as sending or checking received videos, audio, and voice messages. Credit can be purchased through their official site. WhatSim costs €10 and is currently available. It can be order on the firm website.

Note: Standard shipping cost €5 ($6).


WhatSim has evolved and it is now called ChatSim Unlimited. The name is not the only thing that has changed. With ChatSim you can use more apps, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Telegram, BBM, Line, Kik, Hike, Kakao, and QQi.

ChatSim also works with 4G technology, so you can enjoy a faster connection. It has a wider coverage and can connect with more than 400 roaming operators globally, including India, U.S, Canada, China, Malaysia, U.K, France e.t.c.

It also has an automatic firewall that is able to block unwanted data traffic up to 90%. Learn more about ChatSim.

Thanks ChatSim for notifying us.

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