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Zano Nano Drone Is Here To Replace Your Selfie Stick, HD Selfie On The Go

Zano Quad-Copter Nano Drone

The future is here, believe it or find yourself hanging on it with no one to rescue you. Sounds like a perfect motto for we that are still looking at the past, atleast that will raise our spirit though what makes the future if not the past. There are lots of gadgets being launched recently and it seems technology is hitting its highest peak with scientist working day in day out just to make things much easier and faster. Taking selfie when camping or during tourism with selfie stick in one hand wrapped with a camera phone at the end might not be so much easy and stressful but now something new is here to change that.

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What about handling your smartphone and controlling a tiny flying object with just a gesture of your hand, snapping all those selfie without sweating, sounds cool right? Zano may be what you need. Zano is a nano drone that is currently raising funds on Kickstarter, it rely on its four copter wings for flying and weighs just only 55 grams, it is here to replace your selfie stick. Zano comes with a 5-megapixel HD video camera that can capture all those special moment and packs various sensors which include Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Echo sounding sonar, Barometric air pressure sensor, Infrared obstacle avoidance technology and GPS.

To take selfie, all you need to do is to connect with Zano Nano Drone from your smartphone and control it by tilting your device, microphone and speaker are onboard for high quality recording and there's LED light that serves as an indicator.

The device has already archive and surpassed its funding goal, you can join the queue by pledging £139 to get first edition in June.

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