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Seagate New 8TB Hard Disk Drive Will Cost You Only $260

Seagate New 8TB Archive Hard Disk

Now its quite easy to stuff things together without spending much especially if you have so much data and multimedia files to keep and make safe. Seagate knowing well that there are lots of people struggling for space to keep their archive has unveiled a new cheap 3.5-inch 8TB hard disk drive.

We choose to say low-budget because it's rare to find such capacity at this price, with only $260 USD (approximately £165, NGN 46,800) the hard disk is completely yours. The part you won't like or might not care to know is the terabyte HDD is of the firm new Archive range and not of Enterprise, meaning the read/write speed rate is 150MB/s instead of 500MB/s average speed on other versions.

If you are not so concerned about this little drawback which we know you won't at this price range, you can wait till January to lay your hands on one when the hard disk goes on sale in United States though availability for other markets is not yet known.

However, if 8TB is too much for you to have fun with then you may go for 5TB or 6TB Archive versions, we are yet to know the specific price for these range but it will cost you less than you thought of.

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